When I turned 30,  I decided I had better look into getting botox.  A good friend referred me cosmetic nurse Marie Guerin.  

Marie took the time to understand what I was wanting (short, medium and long term)  basically elimination of fine lines, particularly forehead lines, and look more refreshed – without spending a fortune, or look like I’d had ‘work’ done.  Initially I was petrified of the needles, but after my first treatment, they didn’t bother me because I knew the results I’d get.  Marie understood completely I wanted to look natural, and delay the aging process.  Initially, I started with botox, and over the years I have tried various treatments, including fillers and other facial treatments.  All the treatments have enhanced my facial features, so I don’t look plastic!

In addition to cosmetic medicine, I also conscientiously get facial treatments at Accent on Skin such as regular skin peels, LED light etc all to keep my skin looking hydrated and luminous.

I trust the team at Accent on Skin explicitly – whatever they’ve suggested I’ve run with – and it’s delivered fantastic results!  I’ve even had a terrible tattoo removed!

Lastly, in the last twelve months I have changed all my skincare to UltraMD / Ultraceuticals – this is the first product range that has ever delivered fabulous results, and one that I will never stray from – all my friends have commented on how flawless my skin looks!  My pigmentation is gone, and my skin looks much more youthful.

Anyone who wants fabulous, refreshed and hydrated skin should put their trust in the team at Accent on Skin – my skin looks better than it did ten years ago!  - Rose


I don’t want to look younger but I do want to look really good for my age.

I’ve been seeing Marie Guerin since my mid 30’s (I’m now early 50’s) and over this time she has cared for my skin and provided treatments including botox, dermal fillers, peels, and most recently Factor 4 skin treatment. Each and every treatment is carefully thought out, and administered with an artists eye. 

Marie believes that less is more, she is judicious in her application of botox and fillers so that I never look like I’ve had work done; I just look rested and really good for my age. 

I trust Marie and the Accent on Skin team for their skill, their professionalism, but as importantly for their wonderful sense of humour and discreet clinic environment. I plan to continue my beauty regime with Marie for a long time yet. - - Harriet


My referral via a friend to Marie at Accent On Skin has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. Recent illness had taken its toll on my skin and also loss of volume from my face. Marie's treatments have restored and improved my facial features and skin tone and texture to even better than I had hoped.

Thank you to Marie and her great staff for their skill,integrity and honesty in providing such a wonderful service and an enjoyable experience as well. I have never looked so good and my confidence has soared. Treatments have included Dysport, Factor4,  fillers and amazing natural looking lip enhancement.  I look forward to continuing maintenance treatments with the team at Accent On Skin - MiMi