Our Trusted Brands

At Accent on Skin you can be confident in the knowledge that  we only use the very best products, endorsed world wide.  



Botulinum Toxin muscle relaxant therapy is available and registered in New Zealand in two forms Botox® and Dysport®


Restylane is a global market leader in its field and sold in over 70 countries worldwide.  The benefits of Restylane can be summarized in these words: well tolerated, natural looking results and effective.  www.restylane.co.nz


Emervel® is produced by a world leading dermatology company, focused on developing therapeutic, corrective and aesthetic innovations.   www.emervel.com

UltraMD / Ultraceuticals

Ultraceuticals has been well recognised in the beauty industry as a leader in developing award-winning breakthrough clinical-grade skincare products, without the use of known irritants, genetically modified (non-GMO ingredients or obtained from unsustainable resources.  UltraMD Skincare is also certified 100% Cruelty Free.